Encouraging Learning Through Play

Early learning lab use play to open up the world of early math, science, and language skills for young children. Hands-on, engaging explorations with colorful LEGO® DUPLO® bricks ignite natural curiosity and foster a love of discovery and investigation, while playful faces, storytelling activities, and collaboration-based lesson plans for teachers help the youngest students develop social and emotional skills that set them up for a lifetime of successful learning.

Early Learning Solutions are designed to ignite curiosity and integrate easily into your classroom. Early Learning offers solutions in these areas:
• Early Math & Science
• Social & Emotional Development
• Early Language & Literacy
• Creative Exploration

21st Century Lessons
Early Learning Solutions developed in alignment with NAEYC and Head Start guidelines to promote 21st Century skills for young children.
• Form social and emotional skills though self-regulation, group play, and idea sharing
• Develop problem-solving skills through play-based scenarios
• Explore how things work through physical interactions and storytelling