What is Centre for Innovation

Centre for innovation is a venture of Tech Makerz. Our training center helps every child to explore themselves and to sort out their talent by themselves. Goal of Centre for Innovation to make every child as “Innovators of Tomorrow”.

Centre for Innovation offer programs in multiple platform where every child can choose the program according to their Wish.

We believe that more playful, creative and hands-on methods engage students of all abilities and achieve results. While this lends itself to the STEAM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths – a more progressive approach can be successfully applied to all curriculum subjects, including literacy.

Our unique graduated learning innovative curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in field of STEAM , which is then reinforced by practice sessions. As a result, our students gain a thorough understanding of core knowledge. Our centre offers environment to young minds with new future Technologies and practical concepts in fun oriented and hands on learn exposure. If you are a college student or a school student, it is of more importance to you, since when you are into the real world – all the industries will be looking for people with these skills


STEAM Classes




Who can join?

If you are a school student, you should start as soon as possible. School is the part in your life where you will have enough time to experiment, create and innovate with your ideas. Moulding your ideas at such an age will change the way you think and mould you into a great thinker and doer at such an young age.
If you are a college student, it is ideal for you to start learning immediately from the Maker Lab, since all industries are already looking out for engineers who have practical experience in technologies such as self-driving cars, machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Are you a graduate already? Or are you working somewhere? You can join for the classes too. This helps you to upskill yourself and get the right job for your talents. Don’t stay back as a simple programmer or testing engineer, improve your capabilities with these courses and get better jobs for your skills.